If you’re going to Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle this weekend (And You Should), I will be there at TABLE 310! I will have MANY BOOKS and THINGS, including the new Vattu book, the new edition of Rice Boy, and some new stickers and small things. I hope the above visual aids will be helpful to you (i will actually have more things than pictured here but, you know, broad strokes).

I am also participating in a PANEL! On Friday at 11:40, called “Beyond the Genre in Genre Fiction.” This is something I have a lot to say about. Some details.

My flight leaves at 7 in the morning on Thursday. AWESOME!

thank you to my friend Kristi for the photo of myself.

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    YEAH Come by booth 310! Evan’s stuff is SO COOL and SO GOOD!! I’ll be sitting next to him the whole weekend telling him...
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    I had to get xkit to find this in my dash, but I finally did. Have you read saga? haven’t read Rice Boy yet but I am...
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    You know how some people have this standing agreement that if the opportunity to get with [INSERT RANDOM CELEBRITY HERE]...