Flowery aliens

This is one of a few images that will show up in my Benign Kingdom art book that have never been published online anywhere! 24 hours remain on the Benign Kingdom Kickstarter, if you’d like to support it and get the books at a discount! Thanks everyone for your support so far; this thing has gone better than we could have hoped!!

This is an alien design for one of several embryonic science fiction ideas in my head. They communicate with their petals in a complex adapted threat display.

Another alien

I have been making up some aliens recently; more to come maybe.

These guys are descended from creatures that can fly, but are themselves incapable of it. The color and toughness of the skin of their wings is considered indicative of their health and is sexually selected for. Their face is composed of a beak and two bony, independently articulated orbs that protect the eyes. The entire head can be retracted into the excess skin of the neck like a turtle.

An alien

I have been thinking about space aliens recently and I made these guys up. They can fold up into little defensive balls. Their eye is on a stalk and constantly flicks around to see in three dimensions, like we do by having two eyes. They are mentally connected in some way that leads to them having little sense of ego, and functioning like a massive cluster of ant-colonies. They are space-faring and have built enormous, haphazard space stations all around their home planet.