Loose mockups for what I might like the Vattu book 1 hardcover and paperbacks look like. My current plan for this book (and the later Vattu books to match) is the most overtly “designed” of all of my books so far, and will require a whole bunch of extra illustration work! Looking forward to having some of this thing in print, finally…

Order of Tales book release!

The Order of Tales one-volume books are here, the signing is this Friday at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn. You should come! Might do a talk and a question and answer thing?? I don’t know.

Bigger delay on the arrival of the books than anticipated, but the process of sending out Kickstarter incentive orders begins TODAY.

My storage unit is full of 2000 Order of Tales and 1200 Rice Boy books now:

Order of Tales Kickstarter

I started a Kickstarter project for the Order of Tales book a few days ago, and forgot to mention it here! It’s about halfway funded already, which is VERY EXCITING.

There will be 2,000 books and it will cost around 12,000 dollars. There’s an awkward video you can watch at the link for more details. Thanks so much for supporting the book and helping me spread the word! You are all the best.