Order of Tales Kickstarter

I started a Kickstarter project for the Order of Tales book a few days ago, and forgot to mention it here! It’s about halfway funded already, which is VERY EXCITING.

There will be 2,000 books and it will cost around 12,000 dollars. There’s an awkward video you can watch at the link for more details. Thanks so much for supporting the book and helping me spread the word! You are all the best.

We need more good webcomics.

A medium gains legitimacy and respect when people making work in that medium legitimize and respect it.

Comics as a whole are in the process now of gaining that legitimacy, and it’s because of the people doing good work in that medium, more than any other reason. Superficial aspects like deciding to call them “graphic novels” instead of “comics” don’t help. Good work helps.

Webcomics are a subset of comics, and for the time being are seen as a distinct thing because of their mode of distribution. They’ll probably lose the prefix before too long, but who knows. They are in some ways becoming the new “indie” comics, and replacing the niche filled by minicomics and zines, bit by bit. Because it is effectively free and easy to put this stuff online, it will naturally have a lower signal-to-noise ratio than print comics, and a lower percentage of good stuff—and I hope it is always that way.

There are a lot of really excellent and varied comics being published online, and if there are more it will help all of us: the ideal self-policing culture that decides which comics are good will become more streamlined and accurate. Creators will work harder and have more good comics to judge their work against. More people will care about webcomics. There will be more good things to read on the internet.

If you are making or aspire to make a webcomic, take your work seriously, be engaged in it, and believe in it. Do good work, and be consistently critical of it so you will keep improving. You have your reasons for choosing this particular means of distribution, so own it: don’t think of it as a shortcut or an excuse to do anything less than the best you can.

- Evan

Space dudes

Warmup drawing made in several passes, fiddling with a scifi idea I have which is, at this point, little more than aesthetic, and which I haven’t put as much effort as I should have into writing in earnest.

The alien you might recognize from an earlier post. I think his name is Than, with a non-vocalized “th,” as in “thin” but not in “that.” Tried to design some sensible pressure-suit for him. The plating on the chest is supposed to mimic his weird ribcage. The human is named Monro. This was mostly an excuse to do weird lighting stuff.

An alien

I have been thinking about space aliens recently and I made these guys up. They can fold up into little defensive balls. Their eye is on a stalk and constantly flicks around to see in three dimensions, like we do by having two eyes. They are mentally connected in some way that leads to them having little sense of ego, and functioning like a massive cluster of ant-colonies. They are space-faring and have built enormous, haphazard space stations all around their home planet.

A Batman

I drew Batman as a warmup thing yesterday because I got all excited about the announcement about the next Chris Nolan Batman movie. I have a weakness for Batman, and for melodramatic genre fiction generally. But I am not the best at drawing superheroes.

I like Catwoman but not Anne Hathaway, she does not seem like a very interesting choice… but I don’t know enough about her for her to be an entity in my mind other than Boring Pretty White Girl. I’m really interested in how Bane will work into all of this… he’s sort of a tacky character, usually, but I think could be done in an interesting way. And the first two movies have very successfully worked within limited themes (overcoming and inspiring fear in Begins, anarchy in Dark Knight), so I’m optimistic about how the two can be fit into the movie. Though I guess Dark Knight would have been better without Two-Face even in it.

In conclusion I am a terrible nerd but that does not change the fact that Batman is the best.